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PNEDA Technology is an online e-commerce platform united with global components distributors and in-stocked inventory suppliers, we are committed to providing convenient purchase experiences and high quality services.

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PNEDA is a global electronic purchasing platform which provides competitive price for electronic components: integrated circuits, diodes, capacitor, resistor, inductors, switch, transistor, sensor, connector, LED.

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Millions of Electronic Parts In Stock. Backorder Accepted. Obsolete & EOL Parts Expert, Price & Lead Time Quotes within 24 Hours.

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PNEDA Technology is an online e-commerce platform united with global components distributors and in-stocked inventory suppliers, we are committed to providing convenient purchase experiences and high quality services.

We strictly follow the ISO9001 standard and establish the corporate image. Do not accept, manufacture or transfer defective products. Take science and technology as the driving force and strive for survival by quality

We strictly abide by the ISO14001 standard, improve the comprehensive management level and corporate image, and reduce environmental risks Protect the environment on which human beings live and reduce pollution accidents


Latest Technology Articles

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[mars 21 2023] SemiconductorsThe ADGM1144 is a wideband, single-pole four-throw (SP4T) switch using ADI Microelectromechanical System (MEMS) switching technology. The technology enables small size, wide RF bandwidth, high linearity, and low plug loss switches that can operate at frequencies as low as 0 Hz/DC, making it an ideal solution to meet the switching needs of a variety of RF and precision equipment. Multiple ADGM1144 ...
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[mars 14 2023] SemiconductorsSTMicroelectronics's TSV771 is a 20 MHz bandwidth unit-gain stabilized amplifier. The rail-to-rail input stage and 10.5V /µs conversion rate make it ideal for low-side current measurements. The excellent accuracy provided by the maximum input voltage of 200μV allows precise amplitude-size input signals. The TSV771 can operate on a single power supply from 2.0V to 5.5V and has an output capacitanc ...
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[mars 14 2023] SemiconductorsTi's LMG3522R030 GaN FET features an integrated driver and protection for switching mode power converters, enabling designers to achieve levels of power density and efficiency. The power IC integrates a silicon driver to enable switching speeds up to 150 V/ns. TI's integrated precision gate bias enables a higher switching SOA than discrete silicon gate drivers. This integration, combined with TI' ...
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[mars 14 2023] SensorsTDK-Lambda's PH1200A280 full brick DC/DC converter is rated at 1200w with inputs from 200 VDC to 425 VDC. Modules provide isolation and adjust 12v, 24v, 28v, 36v and 48v outputs. The converter is ideal for 380vdc input distributed power systems using unisolated AC/DC power supplies. Other applications include semiconductor manufacturing, communication systems, test and measurement, and custom pow ...
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[mars 14 2023] SemiconductorsThe stmicroelectronics ILPS28QSW is an ultra-compact piezoresistive absolute pressure sensor that functions as a digital output barometer with dual range support up to a user optional 4060 hPa. The device includes a sensing element and an IC interface that communicates from the sensing element to the application through either an I²C or MIPI I³C® interface. The ILPS28QSW comes in a ceramic LGA pa ...
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[mars 13 2023] OptoelectronicsB&K Precision's 9140 series is comprised of triple-output multi-range DC power supplies. With three isolated and individually controllable outputs, the 9140 (32 V, 8 A) and 9141 (60 V, 4 A) provide up to 300 W of clean power with low ripple and noise or 100 W per channel in a compact 2U half-rack form factor. The front panel features a 4.3-inch LCD and unique output terminals that support sheathe ...
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